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Struggling is a physics-based coop game where each player controls one of the arms of a strange creature (kind word to describe the thing). By grabbing onto any surface, the monstrosity will need to painfully drag itself in different environments and overcome all kinds of obstacles while staying classy by wearing hats discovered along the way. The small cyclopean head call itself Achilles, the big one Hector and together they form Troy. In Struggling, your partner is more than just another character, he is part of yours. Ready yourselves to operate a makeshift boat, escape a wildfire, ride a motocross and explore the world while sharing the body of a “charming” abomination with your friend. You will be struggling!


Struggling is in development since the spring of 2018 and is produced by a team of three: Alexis, Rémi and Denis, cofounders of Chasing Rats Games. It started as a concept where two players would each control the body parts and locomotion of a two headed ogre and coordinate actions to defeat enemies and overcome obstacles. In early prototypes we realised that controlling only the arms attached to a common body was already creating the game feel we were aiming for and thus was born Struggling. Shortly after, we decided on what would be the main character based on the most disturbing concept art our artist drew: an abomination with two heads respectively named Achilles and Hector. With the unique core mechanics and the weird and funny aesthetic established, we wanted a game that would make the players communicate, argue, laugh and coordinate. Since then we've worked to make Struggling as epic, as fun and as absurd at it can be.


  • Unorthodox and unique way to play and move the character with your friend by controlling one arm each in a physics based environment.
  • A handcrafted and wild coop adventure starring the weirdest protagonist you'll ever have the chance (or bad luck) to look at and play as.
  • Solo mode where you control both arms for a radically different experience.
  • Tons of exotic gameplay sequences using the coordination of both player controlled arms, ranging from wiring up explosives to operating a tank in a suburb.
  • Local multiplayers games modes where you can face another abomination controlled by some of your friends in which you compete in various trials.


Official Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Public's Favorite" Montreal Independant Game Awards 2018

Selected Articles

  • " This is a very well made video game that is also making me nauseous. "
    - Brian Altano , IGN
  • "Struggling is an exceptionally well made game, and it’s hard to take your eyes off of it."
    - Jacob Wood , Indie Hangover
  • "I can’t even speak and form sentences because i’m so disturbed"
    - Sydnee Goodman, IGN

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About Chasing Rats Games

Chasing Rats Games is an indie video games studio located in Montreal. We are eager to bring our flavor to the Indie scene by making unique and whacky games with a big emphasis on multiplayer experiences.

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Struggling Credits

Alexis Gallant-Vigneault
CEO, Game Designer

Rémi Desrosiers
Game Designer, Technical Lead

Denis Simard
Game Designer, Art Director

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